WordPress Management


Watch cyber attacks live and see why you need our Professional WordPress Management Service.

Be Safe & Secure: For $25.00 per month we perform all WordPress, security and plugin updates on your WordPress website, as the updates become available, we also perform and store your website backups off your websites server.

Included is a malware and hacker guarantee (what this means we will fix any security issue for free if such an issue occurs out after our initial setup and security evaluation).

As a bonus you will get 10% off any content updates, support services, or any new website projects.

If at anytime you need help signing up or if you have a question please call (937) 926-0092.

Step One Subscribe

Monthly Billing $25 /mo. Billed monthly until subscription is canceled.

Domain Name

Annual Billing 300 /yr. Billed yearly until subscription is canceled.

Domain Name

Step Two Download, Fill Out, & Save Credentials

Simply Download the pdf fill it out with requested information and save it to your desktop. You WILL need this completed be for you can send it securely to our website administrator.

Step Three Video Meet & Greet and Secure File Transfer

Schedule a time  (email wpm@wininets.com) to video conference with us, during this chat we will confirm contact information, billing status, guide you through PDF transfer via our state-of-the-art peer-2-peer web based video chat (Browser Limitations Apply please review before hand)

Terms & Conditions

Duration of Subscription: The service perpetually billed at the interval you subscribed at, which is either Monthly or Annually, at the rate subscribed.
Termination of Services: You may terminate with or without notice via PayPal, we reserve the right to remove any plugins or data that we added to the site to enroll or support the WPM service, you may have at your request with in 7 days of cancellation one backup. We reserve the right to terminate your subscription for any reason.
Retention of Backups: First Backup, up to 24 monthly backups, 12 weekly backups, 8 daily backups. there is an automatic deletion of backups 8 days after cancellation ringing this all data will be destroyed. Backups that are out of scheduled backup retention time period will also be automatically deleted.
Security Updates: Updates are polled every 30 min, and performed every day at least once, during heighten cyber security threat levels several times a day if needed.
Website Owner Availability: You are required to provide a daytime and after hours contact information of a responsible party that can be reached in case of an “emergency” during 8am-10pm Monday-Sunday.
Confidentiality: Except as required by the Ohio Public Records Law pursuant to  R.C. Section 149.43 Winterhoff Internet Solutions, Inc. will not at any time or in any manner, either directly or indirectly, use for the personal benefit of  Winterhoff Internet Solutions, Inc., or divulge, disclose or communicate in any manner any information proprietary to you or your Clients.  Winterhoff Internet Solutions, Inc. will protect such information and treat it strictly confidential. This provision shall continue to be effective after the termination of the service. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, trade secrets, insider information, password lists, security protocols, website, any spreadsheet, or computer generated data regarding the website or business.
Ownership: We own the tools and means to provide the WPM service, we are not the owner of website backups or your website, all stored backup data has NO monetary value and is subject to scheduled deletion.
Limitations to Malware/Hacker Guarantee: (1)Your refusal to comply with security requests (2) Refusal to provide control panel, ftp, sftp, or ssh access (3) if you or any admin accesses your website from a computer infect with malware (4) if your hosting companies control panel or server is compromised, these four situations will nullify your protection and YOUR FREE SERVICE REPAIR FROM HACKER DAMAGE MAY NOT BE COVERED.
Extent of the Service: the service only covers WordPress Websites and WordPress related files hosted on qualified hosting providers.